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Unshackled "Freedom To"

Jul 14, 2024    Pastor Glenn Garvin

From birth, our three favorite words are… me, myself and I. It is sin-wired into our humanity - me, me, me and mine, mine, mine. We look at our lives as living free however we might want. But did you know, the Bible tells us that we are all slaves? We are either slaves to sin (the devil) or slaves to God. Bob Dylan, in his first release during his "gospel" period, wrote the song "Gotta Serve Somebody" that hit the radio waves on August 20, 1979. Interestingly, John Lennon famously criticized Bob's song and wrote a parody song in 1980 titled "Serve Yourself" in response. So ask yourself, whom do YOU serve? As a follower of Jesus, are you comfortable being called a slave? Not only have we been freed FROM, but we have also been freed TO. Freed to what? Find out out this Sunday!